Ana Minski interview

Ana Heloisa Minski from Brazil

Why did you choose Finland? 
-I chose Finland because it’s a different country, and it’s colder than Brazil.

Have you had a great time in Finland?
-Yes, I have. I have travelled a lot. I love everything in Finland, except salmiakki. 

Did you have any stereotypes about Finland?
-I heard that Finland is a cold place. Finns are very shy, and they don’t talk a lot.

What expectations do you have?
-I want to learn Finnish, and I want to come back to Finland in the future. I want to make a lot of good friends, and I would like to go to sauna. I want to have the best year of my life, and I think that I will!

What are the differences between Finland and Brazil?
-Brazil is a warm country. We like to make a lot of friends, and we have a lot of emotions. There are a lot of different cultures in Brazil, and we have people from Finland there too. Brazilians love dancing and football. 

Do you have any problems in Brazil?
-Yes, rapes. Women are treated so badly in Brazil. We have also a lot of corruption. We like to talk about our problems because we should. We are trying to change everything, one step at a time.