Sophie Shrank interview

Sophie Shrank from Germany

Why did you chose Finland?

- I chose Finland first of all because of the amazing landscapes I already know from pictures and the good school system. I wanted to feel the difference in the cultures and so on.

Do you like living here?
-Now I’m living in Kokemäki. It’s a little bit far away from Vammala, but I come to school by car every morning. I like my family, and I have had a great time in Finland so far.

What was the most exciting thing when you came to Finland?
-Everybody can speak Finnish. Finns talk a lot even if they don’t know each other well.

What are the differences between Finland and Germany?
-Finnish classes are very tight, and teachers use computer a lot. In Germany we have Oktoberfest. It’s a very big event. Women wear long dresses and men have button-up shirts. People drink a lot of beer there.

Have you had a great time in Finland?

- I really have great time here. My host family is wonderful and makes me feel like home.

What was the best experience in Finland?

- The experience I most love is a hiking/backpacking trip with my father and my siblings in the Koli national park. We were camping there for a few days. But every day is a new experience.

What do you think about Vammala and finnish people?

- The people are very shy and don't speak that much. And it's true. If finnish people have the choise to say something or stay quiet, they prefer to stay quiet. And it's difficult to make a smalltalk. But the young generation is very different. Everyone is friendly and interested in new people. I feel very integrated here. The people really think before they say something. It is polite to say something, even if it's some random stuff.

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